Neighborhood Association

Nations Neighborhood Association meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the West Precinct (5500 Charlotte Pike)


Nations Neighborhood Association Bylaws (revised July 2014)


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interim president

Lauren Burke


President Duties Include:

  • Make necessary arrangements for meeting ‐ place, seating, refreshments, etc.
  • Preside at all meetings ‐ begin and end on time.
  • Provide and follow agendas for all meetings.
  • Determine whether a quorum is present or not at meetings.
  • Represent the Corporation at public functions.
  • Call special meetings Sign checks for the Corporation (as one of two signatures required on all checks).
  • Facilitate the drafting of all organizational documents
  • Facilitate the delegation of all committees and committee chairs
  • Act in an emergency when there is not enough time for a called meeting
  • See that motions of the Corporation are carried out in a timely way
  • Encourage participation of all members
  • Ensure that any expense that is not part of the budget is approved by the Officers
  • Serve as the Corporation’s spokesperson when required


vice president

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke has volunteered with the NNA for about three years now.  She previously was on the Social Media team, then joined the board as Social Media Manager and in the most recent year as Vice President.  Lauren lives on Kentucky with her husband Jason and their two furry animals.  Lauren has a background in Marketing and Social Media and has lived in Nashville for about 9 years.

Vice President Duties Include:

  • The Vice‐President shall in good faith in executing the duties.  The Vice‐President performs such duties as directed by the President and serves as President in the President’s absence. The Vice‐President serves as parliamentarian for membership and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Attend various events put on by the neighborhood

media secretary

Jenna Smith

Media Secretary Duties Include:

  • Post or mail notices of all regular or called meetings
  • Facilitate all organizational correspondence
  • Make photocopies of all checks and funds coming into the Corporation Maintain and oversee volunteer groups including phone tree, block captains, committees, etc.
  • Attend various events put on by the neighborhood
  • Maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor and Email List Serve for Neighborhood
  • Develop Spring, Summer and Fall Newsletter for Neighborhood and mail out



Robert Guth

Treasurer Duties Include:

  • Receive funds and keep current records of all funds and expenditures
  • Maintain appropriate bank accounts and accurate ledgers of all accounts
  • Pay out funds on vote or with appropriate reimbursement receipts and vouchers
  • Maintain files of all financial records, ledgers, bills, receipts and statements
  • Give a financial report at all meetings as called on by the Chair Sign checks for the Corporation (as one of two signatures required on all checks)
  • Prepare all tax reports as required or prepare the information for the tax preparer.
  • Facilitate the arrangements for audits, record‐keeping services, loans and other financial services
  • Acknowledge all gifts and donations in writing and prepare donor statements
  • Act in an emergency situation when there is not enough time for a called meeting
  • Attend various events put on by the neighborhood


Megan Seeman

Megan Seeman has served as the NNA Board Secretary since 2016, where she works diligently to recreate neighborhood meetings in text form. Her background is in Digital Marketing, she’s a natural born middle Tennessean and has lived in Nashville for 10 years. Megan lives on Kentucky with her husband J., their daughter Aeriella, and three pets Gnarly, Roxy and Rigby.

Secretary Duties Include:

  • Record, distribute and maintain accurate records of all regular and called organizational meetings
  • Maintain records of all committee meetings as submitted
  • Call special meetings
  • Maintain files of all organizational documents ‐ charter, bylaws, etc.
  • Attend various events put on by the neighborhood